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November 16, 2019

You strictly follow 30 min swimming session rule for your little one, but still notice your child getting blue lips and shivers? Do you know that living in a tropical country like Malaysia, being overexposed to cold water without thermal wear can cause hypothermia especially in kids?

Your kids love water play, so let them enjoy in the water for longer and safer! To eliminate worries during their water activities, mummies and daddies should gear up their little ones in proper swim attire. Thermal swimsuits can protect your kids from catching a cold and it’s the perfect swimwear to start their first water safety classes.

Below are the reasons why thermal swimsuits are recommended for your active kids for their water adventure:


Chlorine is an essential component in pools as it eliminates microorganisms and stops the development of algae growth in the water. However excessive chlorine exposure is harmful to us where it can cause skin irritation, itchiness, and dryness. Babies and kid's; skin are much more delicate and sensitive to chlorine than adults. Hence, it is important to protect your kid's tender skin by choosing a suitable swimwear that is chlorine resistant.


Beach getaway is the ultimate family outdoor adventure! Having fun at the beach under the warm and breezy sun is a total indulgence, but direct exposure to UV rays is harmful to your skin and especially more so with kids since they have softer and tender skin than adult. Parents could apply sunscreen on their child’s skin. However sunscreen doesn’t offer full protection to your baby’s skin and it might have adverse effect on the skin when used over an extended period of time. Furthermore, according to epidemiologic Associate Professor Lazovich, Deann et al, 2011 excessive use of sunscreens increased the risk for developing nevi and melanomas. Therefore, the utilization of UV-defensive swimwear against UVR can be considered as an option in contrast to sunscreens.

It is recommended to choose a fabric that is soft and comfortable on children’s tender skin, more importantly, that comes with UV-protection properties. Choose a fabric that consists of nylon material layered with UV protection properties, such as UPF50+, for extra protection.


It is very stressful experience for parents to worry about their kids catching a cold in and out of water due to wind chill or a change in temperature.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a suitable swimwear to protect kids and keep them warm and safe during water play. A swimsuit made from neoprene material is excellent in preventing wind-chill as it is usually made from 2mm soft double lined neoprene which is a rubber-like material that has waterproof properties. It functions by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the suit, thus creating a layer of insulation from the cold.


Buoyancy of the swimsuit is one of the added features when choosing swimsuit for your kids. This extra buoyancy brings about less density in water which results in lighter weight in water. Neoprene is naturally buoyant where it is designed to offer additional support to help your kid to stay afloat, in water. However, it does not act as a floatation device and children must be constantly under supervision by a responsible adult during their water play activities.


Cheekaaboo Thermal swimsuits are tested and passed SGS mandatory test on harmful chemicals such as Lead and Phthalate. It is designed with high quality, stretchable material which enables flexible movement for kids in & out of water.

First layer of Cheekaaboo Thermal Swimsuit are made up of nylon where it is specially designed with vibrant colours and cute patterns that your child will love for their water splashing time!

Middle layer are made up of neoprene where it provides a total insulation from cold as well as buoyancy which helps in water confidence. Neoprene is covered with nylon fabric and long mercerized fabric. This prevents abrasion against your baby’s tender skin.

Long mercerized fabric is placed in the third layer of the thermal swimsuit where it comes in contact with your baby tender skin. Not only it helps to keep your baby warm during their water play, this material is incredibly soft and smooth which is the perfect choice for your precious ones!

Cheekaaboo is where you can find the perfect Thermal Swimsuit for your child! Your little one would love it, so would you!


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