Long Sleeve Sunsafe Toddler Thermal Swimsuit UPF50+ Galaxy

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Protect against harmful UV rays with our Long Sleeve Sunsafe Suit. The long sleeves and high neckline provide full coverage all day long and prevent sunburn. The 2.5mm neoprene keeps kids warm in and out of the water. Designed for ages 4 to 12.

Color: Long Sleeve Galaxy
Size: S : (4 - 6 yrs)

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Key Features

Discover the comfort, safety, and style with our specialized kids' sunsafe suit. This suit designed to prioritize safety and fun, caters to adventurous young swimmer.

  • Made with body-hugging Neoprene for the torso and Lycra for lower arm and leg, this suit ensures flexible comfort.
  • Crafted with 2.5mm neoprene, provides optimal insulation.
  • Equipped with a back zipper featuring an easy pull string, reinforced thickness in the crotch and knee areas for added protection.
  • Full-cover design prevent scratches, protect from sunburn and sea creature sting.
  • Provides UV protection, keeping young skin shielded during exciting water sessions.
Care Guide

For optimal care, hand wash it with mild soap and cool water. Heavy spinning and hot water in a washing machine could damage the neoprene material.

You may hang the thermal swimsuit in a sheltered area, it can also be hung dry in bright sunlight; just turn it inside out.

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What makes our Long Sleeve Sunsafe Suit so special ?


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material with excellent insulating properties as it helps traps a thin layer of water between the neoprene and the child's skin. Child's body heat warms the water, creating a thermal barrier for warmth in cold water.

Snug Fit

Cheekaaboo Long Sleeve Sunsafe Suit are designed to fit snugly, which prevents excessive water from entering the suit. Improve insulation by choosing a snug fit that retains a warm water layer in proximity to the child's body.


Neoprene are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of water activities, making them suitable for active children.

UPF 50+ Protection

Offers UPF 50+ protection, which is essential for protecting a child's sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the sun when they are in the water for extended periods.

Strong Stitching

Flatlock stitching, provides a comfortable and fashionable and ensuring excellent durability.

Knee & Crotch Protective Padding

Enhanced durability, flexibility, and insulation while offering improved grip and protection in high-strees area

Anti-Wear Baffle

Prevent the zipper from scratching the skin

Double Hoop & Loop Fastener Flap

Provides extra security and ensures a tight seal, minimizing waterflow

Key Features

Silicone Logo Patch

Durable and Fashionable


To wear snugfit in order to control water inflow and outflow

Long Mercerized Fabrics

Enhances comfy and durability

Premium Quality Zipper

Stainless and Highly Durable

High Collar

To minimize waterflow

Long Zipper Strap

Toddler can zip up by themselves


Soft & Stretchable
for Comfort & Flexibility

Anti-Chafing Hoop & Loop Fastener

Soft hoop & loop fastener for easy size adjustment and anti-chafing


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Is the long sleeve sunsafe suit suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, the long sleeve sunsafe suit is designed to be suitable for both boys and girls.

Can the long sleeve sunsafe suit be used for activities such as diving, snorkeling, or swimming?

Absolutely! The long sleeve sunsafe suit is versatile and can be used for various water activities, including diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Is the long sleeve sunsafe suit suitable for kids with a wide range of body shapes and sizes?

While the suit is stretchable, it may not fit all body types equally. We recommend referring to the size chart to ensure the best fit for your child's specific body shape and size.

How do I choose the correct thermal swimsuit size?

We strongly recommend you take a look at the measurements of our thermal swimsuits in the size chart provided on each of the thermal swimsuit pages to determine the swimsuit size that will best fit your child. 

This is because age is just a general reference as different children might have a different growth rate despite at the same age. You may also contact us for more guidance.

Should I choose a bigger size suit so that my child can wear it for a longer period?

No, we do not recommend you to choose a suit size that fits your child loosely. This is because the thermal effect of the suit will be greatly reduced if the suit fits your child loosely. 

We do understand parent's concern that their active child will outgrow the suit quickly. Therefore, we have an exclusive trade-in program for all Cheekaaboo thermal suits. You may contact us for more information.

How should I care for this suit?

We recommend hand washing this suit with mild detergent and hang it to dry in an airy place. It is not recommended to wash it with a washing machine as the aggressive spinning and heat could damage the neoprene material in the suit.

Can I exchange if the suit size I've chosen does not fit my child well?

Yes, size exchange is available in case the size that you've chosen does not fit your child well. You will need to ensure the suit is in brand-new condition (not washed) with the label tag still attached to the suit.

Will my kids feel uncomfortable wearing such thick material?

No. The thickness of neoprene used in our thermal suits is only 2.5mm which makes it softer, thinner, and more comfortable for your kids. Furthermore, neoprene tends to expand slightly when in water.

What is UPF 50+ UV protection?

UPF is the UV Protection Factor rating which indicates how much of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through the fabric. Wearing UPF50+ clothing can block around 98% of the sun's harmful rays.

Would it be too hot for my kids to wear the thermal suit?

No. When your kids gets out of the water, water evaporates from the skin, that is how your kids loses heat and feels cold. Our thermal suit has insulating properties that can protect them from wind chill. It is not suitable to be worn at room temperature.

Should the suits be worn tight-fitting?

It is recommended to wear it snugly fit (fitting) to minimize the inflow and outflow of water, thus creating a layer of insulation from cold between the suits and kids' skin.

Does my kids still need to wear a normal swimsuit inside before wearing your thermal suit?

No, your kids only need to wear our thermal suit.

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