Frequently Asked Questian


1. I’m a first time buyer, what design should I choose?

2. How do I know which size to buy?

We strongly recommend you to refer to our size chart which contains the actual measurements of the products and can be found at each product page. The sizes labeled according to age range is for reference only.

3. How is the thermal suit different from others?

We use 2mm neoprene (wetsuit material) in our thermal swimsuit collection. Neoprene material is more durable and longer lasting compared to Nylon+spandex material which makes it more value for money.

4. Will my baby feel uncomfortable wearing such thick material?

No. The thickness of neoprene used in our thermal suits is only 2 - 3 mm which makes it softer, thinner and more comfortable for your baby. Furthermore, neoprene tend to expand slightly when in water.

5. What is UPF 50+ UV protection?

UPF is the UV Protection Factor rating which indicates how much of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through the fabric. Wearing UPF50+ clothing can block around 98% of the sun harmful rays.

6. Can your thermal swimsuit float?

No, thermal swimsuit can't float but it adds buoyancy, making it easier to stay afloat in water. You can choose from our Floats products, such as baby floats, kids swim ring etc, which can assist children to learn swimming while gain water confidence. Click here:

7. Would it be too hot for my baby to wear the wetsuit?

No. When your baby gets out from the water, water evaporates from the skin, that’s how your baby loses heat and feels cold. Our thermal suit has insulating properties which can protect him/her from wind chill. It is not suitable to be worn under room temperature.

8. Should thermal swimsuit be worn tight fitting?

It is recommended to wear it snug fit (fitting) to minimise the inflow and outflow of water, thus creating a layer of insulation from cold between the thermal suits and the baby’s tender skin.

9. Does my lil’ boo still need to wear a normal swimsuit inside before wearing your thermal swimsuit?

No, your lil’ boo only need to wear our thermal swimsuit.

10. Does my baby still need to wear a nappy inside?

It is recommended to wear a swim diaper for double protection as it features a stretchable snug band on the thighs in order to prevent leakage.

11. If I purchase your swim diaper, does my baby still need to wear a regular diaper inside?

No, it is not recommended to wear a regular diaper for swimming as it soaks up water and becomes heavy. Our reusable swim diaper is designed with water-resistant materials and snug fit feature around the waist and legs to keep waste matter in without absorbing water from the pool.

12. What is the washing instruction?

We recommend washing our merchandise separately by hand, using mild detergent. When caring for these garments, avoid hot water during washing and hang dry out of direct sunlight. Do not soak the garments or wash in the washing machine.

13. What is the difference between Summer Paradise Collection and Under The Sea Collection?

Swimsuits from both collections are made from neoprene material which keeps warm, provides buoyancy as well as UPF50+ protection, and it is also chlorine resistant. Summer Paradise Collection is improvised from the previous collection where we upgraded the inner fabric material from nylon to long mercerised fabric, which is softer on baby’s tender skin.

14. Where are your products from?

Cheekaaboo is proudly a Malaysian brand and we only source from the best suppliers around the world to manufacture for us.

15. Where can I buy your products?

You may purchase our products via our online store here. Alternatively, you may also use the Store Locator in our website to locate a store that is nearest to you.

Orders, Delivery and Returns

1. Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, Cheekaaboo invites all customers to set up an account free of charge before placing your order.

2. Can I track my order?

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email containing your tracking number. Do contact us if you did not receive your tracking number.

3. Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?

Orders can only be changed or amended within 30 minutes of order placement. You may Contact Us, ideally by phone during working hours, and we will amend it for you. Alternatively, you may cancel your order and place a new order. We would strongly recommend you do this promptly because we are unable to cancel, change or make any adjustments to the order once it has been shipped out.

4. If the swimsuit that I purchased doesn’t fit my children, can I exchange size?

Yes, you may return the item to make an exchange via post only. However, you need to submit a request for exchange / return together with your order ID and details of exchange within 7 days upon receipt of goods. Refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy.


1. Would you consider my child as a Cheekaaboo Model?

We have always been fully inclusive in our choice of baby models generally through referrals from friends, family and our customers. We are looking for little ones who enjoy outdoor experience due to their outgoing nature, friendly personalities and infectious giggles. If you are interested, please send your baby or child’s recent photos, personal information, pictures from previous photoshoot (if you have any) to