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June 08, 2018


As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to keep us fit, healthy and have a chance to mingle around to make new friends. So you’ve heard about the benefits of swimming and you’re definitely in the zone to go, but do you know what to pack for swimming? Packing time will be extremely hard whenever you plan to go swimming, especially with your family?

If you’re facing the same situation, here’s the list of top picks for swim gear that works best.


Obviously, a swimwear is a must before you go swimming. Comfort, quality and sun protection are the most important criteria before any other such as design. Although bikinis are eye-catching, they don’t provide full coverage and protection to your body skin. Also, some pools may ban certain types of swimwear, so you must be aware of it.


A good sun hat must provide you protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. When you choose a sun hat, choose one that is comfortable on your head, enjoyable to wear and waterproof. Also, sun hat comes with different brim sizes where larger brims give more protection as they cover major areas of the skin.


Swim goggles are the mandatory as they allow clear vision underwater without getting the water into the eyes. It does protect your eyes from the chlorinated-water or saltwater that will cause eyes irritation. An ideal pair of swim goggles is the one that offers the best fit on your head! A super-tight one will cause discomfort whereas it will be easily to drop into the water if it’s too loose.


Again, comfort is the most important criterion for an ideal swimming cap. It should perfectly fit on your head without causing you any distress, not too tight and of course, not too loose! A swimming cap is important for swimming as it can reduce the 'drag' underwater, making swimming strokes easier. It also protects your hair from chlorine that the pools are laced with.


When you go swimming, a swim bag is necessary to keep your gear organized, dry and protected. If you are choosing a swim bag, the bag should be waterproof so that your personal belongings do not get spoilt and your wet clothes get dried soon without leaving a smell behind.


Although it's not required for swimming itself, a swim towel is essential for drying off afterward. Once you get out of the pool, you have to quickly wipe off the water on your body to prevent from catching a cold. Soft and absorbent towels are commonly used, as they are necessary for drying off.


Applying sunscreen is a must whenever you are going to the beach or pool. Sunscreen is praised as an all-around great safeguard for your body skin as it protects against harmful sunrays and prevents from tanning. Before getting down into the water, you have to give the sunscreen a 30-minute to penetrate your skin. Also, you have to reapply sunscreen as well after 30-40 minutes of swimming.


You need to change into clean clothes immediately after swimming. Of course, you can’t wear your wetsuit, as you can’t sit under the hot sun to dry it. Don’t forget to prepare a separate bag to keep your wet clothing, so that it won’t cause your other belongings in the swim bag to get wet. Keep yourself bear in mind to bring extra clothes, or else you may experience heading home in wet clothes!


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