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Beat the Heat: How to let your kids play outdoors in Malaysia's hot weather

Welcome back to Malaysia's legendary hot season! One of the four seasons we experience, alongside the never-ending rain, the hazy days, and of course, durian season. The sun is so intense that schools have even been advised to suspend outdoor activities (though your kids might not be happy about that!).


But fear not, parents! We understand your little monkeys are bouncing off the walls and begging for playtime under the sun. Don't worry about them turning into sizzling satay – with a few smart choices and Cheekaaboo's brand new sunsafe suits, your mini adventurers will stay cool, protected, and ready to make epic memories.

Tips #1: Playtime When It's Coolest!

The sun is firing its strongest laser beams between 10 am and 4 pm! But don’t worry, you kids’ can dodge those burny rays by playing earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Kids running into the beach


Tips #2: Hide and Seek from the Sunshine!

Consider bringing along an umbrella, canopy, or even a fun tent to create your own shady oasis. Having a cool spot ready means your little adventurer can always take a break from the sunshine!

Tips #3: Staying Super-Hydrated All Day!

Pack a water bottle and keep it filled with cool water. Don't wait until your little one feels thirsty and dried up like a piece of anchovy! Remind them to take frequent sips throughout playtime, even if they're splashing in a pool. Remember, water is lost through sweat even when playing in water.

Tips #4: Don't Let the Sun Burn the Fun!

Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher made just for their delicate skin. Be generous when applying sunscreen, making sure to cover all exposed areas and sneaky spots – otherwise they might end up looking like a patchy zebra. Reapply it every two hours, and even more frequently if your little one gets wet or sweaty.

Sun safety tips

Tips #5: Gear Up for Adventure with Sun Safe Style

Playing under the sun while wearing UPF Sun Cap hats is awesome too! It provides more shade for ears, neck, and the eyes. Not only that, the sun caps can keep kids' heads cooler and more comfortable during playtime.

For ultimate sun protection for your little one, check out the brand new collection Long Sleeve Sunsafe Suit – a must-have for extended water play! The full coverage designs with UPF 50+ Protection shield their sensitive skin from harmful UV rays, preventing sunburn. Plus, breathable spandex on the sleeves and calves keeps them cool and comfortable, ensuring they can splash and play all day long without getting overheated.


Fun running in the beach



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